To Be Happy

Over the last several weeks I’ve posted quite a few bittersweet articles to my blog, and to be quite honest, it bothers me. 


Because it’s uncomfortable to be vulnerable and share more negative thoughts and perspectives. 

I’d much rather keep those parts hidden from the world—tucked away in a quiet corner of my mind, out of sight.

That’s why I’ve decided that this week’s blog has to be happy.

After all, it’s definitely easy to be happy all the time. That’s why everyone in the world is always so kind to each other, right?

There’s no place for negativity in our lives. 

Any feelings, people, or situations that don’t bring joy should be rejected or avoided. Anything that doesn’t add to our happiness must be subtracted from our lives.

At least, that’s what we’re told.

Acting The Part

I enjoy going to the movies (it’s something that makes me happy).

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a movie before, but they tend to be filled with emotions—positive emotions, negative emotions, and everything in between.

But how can I watch up to three hours of actors and actresses spilling their fake feelings on the screen, when I don’t even want to spend three minutes dealing with the feelings of the people around me, or myself?

Actors portray the full spectrum of emotions to make their characters appear “real”. Meanwhile, I try to hide all my negative emotions to be “accepted”.

Living With Pessimism

When I was younger, I had a friend who was extremely negative. Not a lot of other people wanted to hang out with her at the time because she was that negative, but I found her pessimism amusing in small doses.

I once asked her if she saw the cup as half empty or half full, and she responded, “the cup doesn’t even exist. It’s a figment of your imagination.”

We were in middle school.

One year, I met up with her and her family at the county fair. Her mother shoved a bunch of ride tickets into my hand and begged me to take my friend and force her to have some fun.

As we walked over to the rides, my friend launched into a long-winded rant about her least favorite time period in history and why it was so bad. She continued her rant as we waited in line, and didn’t stop even when the ride started and we were being flipped upside-down.

It was hilarious to me. Here we were, in a place where anyone else would be having fun, or be nervous, or scared, but the only thing she could think of was her negative thoughts and feelings.

That Person

It’s usually not fun to be around negative people. They bring down everyone’s mood and have a reputation for causing unnecessary drama. 

Nobody wants to be that person. The one that most people avoid and don’t want to be friends with.

So obviously, the best way to avoid being that person is by becoming the exact opposite.

Be happy, make people laugh (in a good way), and don’t let anyone know that sometimes you have negative thoughts too.

Definitely don’t try to find a balance between your positive and negative feelings, and don’t ever allow yourself to be anything but perfect—I mean, happy.

Remember, showing even one negative emotion could make you look like that person, and you don’t want to be that person, do you?

And Back To Happiness…

Sorry about all that, I nearly forgot that this is supposed to be a happy blog.

As I was saying earlier, it’s really easy to be happy all the time.

All you have to do is become an actor.

Before You Go…

How do you deal with negative emotions?

Let me know in the comments!

Recently, I’ve been finding reasons to laugh at the situations that bring me down!

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