The Writing Community

I absolutely love connecting and working with fellow writers, so I’m grateful that I’ve had so many opportunities to do just that. 

From guest blogging, book giveaways, and review swaps, to helping authors improve their work through The Pearl, I’ve really enjoyed being an active member of the writing community.

Now, onto the secret I’ve been holding onto…

The Truth

I never actually meant to keep this project a secret, but since I haven’t talked about it much, that’s exactly what ended up happening.

So today I’m going to let you in on my secret.

I’m a writer for Lawless!


Welcome to Covenant, a post-apocalyptic, dystopian earth where technological advancement has come to a jarring halt and resources are sparse.

The journeymen, a group of people chosen by a mysterious deity called Donumdonair, must struggle through treacherous deserts inhabited by two tyrannical tribes. The fierce Desperados and The Order of Kosmoa.

The Journeymen must fight against the destruction and desires of the world around them as they strive to survive.

Inspired by the Book of Judges, watch as Donumdonair chooses the most unlikely heroes to showdown with demons, triumph over armies, and fight the galactic battles that rage around and in them.

Judges: The Book With No Cover

So, what exactly is Lawless?

In short, Lawless is an anthology of short stories inspired by the book of Judges, set in an apocalyptic/dystopian sci-fi western universe.

And if you’ve ever read the book of Judges then you know what a weird book it is. 

On one hand you have the well-known heroes like Gideon and Deborah, while on the other hand you have lesser-known Judges like Jephthah and Ehud—not to mention Samson whose story has more ups and downs than a romantic soap opera.

The book of Judges is real and raw, without shying away from the moral corruption and lawlessness of the Israelites and their surrounding enemies during that time in their history.

Similarly, this anthology wasn’t created to be watered down versions of the crazy stories in Judges. Instead, Lawless is a collection of stories that balance kingdom values while maintaining the rugged moral complexities of our source material.

If you’d like to hear more about The Lawless Project and the story behind its creation, click here!

Lawless Releases Soon!

It was challenging, but I really enjoyed re-imagining my assigned story in a world with horses, alien beasts, and laser blasters. 

I won’t tell you which story in the book of Judges that I was assigned (that part I will keep secret), but once you’ve read my story, send me an email with your best guess and I’ll tell you if you’re right!

Lawless officially releases to the public on January 18th, but you can pre-order your own copy right now by clicking this link.

Everyone who has worked on this project has done such an amazing job, and I’m so excited for the release!

Before You Go…

If you have any questions regarding The Lawless Project or how you can get involved, send me a message!

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