Self Reflection

Sometimes I have to look at myself in the mirror, roll my eyes, and say, “Okay, fine… You did a good job.”

Ever since I started getting ready for the release of my new book, The Librarian’s Ruse, I’ve had to walk miles outside of my comfort zone (starting with the whole “putting my writing out there for the world to see” thing).

Writing The Librarian’s Ruse

The truth is, I hated the first draft of this story. 

In fact, I never wanted to work on it ever again, and I would have completely trashed it if it hadn’t been for my developmental editors. Both of them enjoyed the story and thought it had a lot of great potential. So when I realized that I was the only one who didn’t like the story, I decided to give it another chance.

After another two drafts, I started to see what my editors saw. And after the third draft, I actually started to love the story.

Labeling Failures

Sometimes I get so afraid of “failure” that I throw that label on anything I feel insecure about. My writing, my other projects, and even my relationships.

The faster I “fail”, the faster I can move on and forget about my “failure”.

It’s easier to give up than put in the work and turn a failure into a success. I’ve found that insecurity and discouragement drives away my determination.

That’s why I’m so glad that I have so many encouraging people in my life. People who are either objective, or slightly biased in my favor (like my wonderful family).

Faithful Foundations

Of course, all the encouragement in the world is useless if I won’t accept it, or if I’m busy tearing myself down faster than my friends and family can build me up.

That’s why it’s so important that I set a good foundation down for myself. If other people want to build on top of that, great! But my encouragement can’t come solely from my family and friends. I need to put the work in as well, whether that means reading my Bible, or choosing to speak life over myself.

As I continue through the process of releasing my book, I understand that it’s more important than ever that I trust God. 

It’s very easy for me to get overwhelmed by all the work I have to do, or the things that seem to have gone wrong.

But I don’t plan to let fear of failure win.

The Librarian’s Ruse Official Book Description

Today I have the pleasure of revealing the official book description for The Librarian’s Ruse!

One mistake. Two empires. Countless secrets.

Amelia’s peaceful life as a librarian is cut short when she and her older brother Leon are sent on an errand to Eldnaire, the capital city of the vicious Vilnarian Empire. After witnessing a crime carried out in the woods, Amelia and Leon enter the capital only to be faced with an impossible choice: tell the truth and risk imprisonment, or lie and face far worse if they’re caught.

One deception leads to a dozen more, and before she can put an end to the lies, she and Leon are swept up into Vilnaria’s high society. Amelia finds an unlikely ally in Vilnaria’s handsome new ruler, Emperor Kyvir. But as the secrets and scandals continue to pile up and danger closes in on all sides, Amelia must decide once and for all what matters more.

The truth, or her life?

There we have it! The official book description!

More details about the book will be coming over the next few weeks leading up to the release of The Librarian’s Ruse on August 8th, so be sure to join my newsletter for special updates!

Before You Go…

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