Laughing At Life

It feels like there’s always a reason to laugh. Life is hard, but it’s also pretty hilarious…

Case in point, I never wanted to be a writer and I didn’t plan to move out of my parents’ home until I was an adult.

Well, here I am. I not only moved out of my parents’ house (at seventeen), but I moved to an entirely different state—all to learn how to write professionally.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Worst Fears Realized

Over the nearly two years that I’ve been in Ohio, I’ve experienced many ironic moments.

Irony: incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result.

That’s not to say that I always enjoy the irony, or find it funny. Sometimes, it’s really hard to laugh when things go way differently from how I expected they would. 

Some of my biggest fears came true during my time at trade school. I went through a really bad friendship break up, dealt with several pest infestations in my apartment, put off saving my writing (and nearly lost all of it when my laptop caught fire), and witnessed the near death of my brother during Christmas break.

The Definition of Irony

Just this morning I entered my kitchen only to find that a small part of the ceiling (which the landlord had just patched a couple months ago) had fallen. My roommate and I examined the damage (our floor is a mess and the ceiling is still dripping water) and then we just started laughing. 

After informing our landlord, we put a bowl under the ceiling to catch the drips and left to go work at our favorite coffee shop.

It’s pretty ironic (pun intended), but I realized last night that all the irony in my life stems from my own expectations. I remember saying things to myself like, it can’t get any worse, or I could never do that, or that’s not going to happen to me. Funnily enough, I’m usually wrong.

Stubbornly Faithful

I’ll admit, it’d be very easy to complain about all the terrible things that have happened—and I’ve definitely complained to a few people—but in the end, there’s also a lot of humor to be found in the chaos. 

My fears and insecurities have been poked, prodded, and tested to their limits, but hey, I’m still alive.

All the worst case scenarios, things that I thought would break me and make me give up didn’t stop me. On the contrary, the more reasons I had to lose my faith and trust in God, the harder I clung on.

At the end of the day, all the irony in my life reminds me that God is in control—not me.

Definitely not me.

Before You Go…

How do you usually handle difficult situations? What gets you through hard times?

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