You Have A Story That Needs To Be Told.

Read My New Fantasy Novella: The Librarian’s Ruse

One mistake. Two empires. Countless secrets.

Amelia’s peaceful life as a librarian is cut short when she and her older brother Leon are sent on an errand to Eldnaire, the capital city of the vicious Vilnarian Empire. After witnessing a crime carried out in the woods, Amelia and Leon enter the capital only to be faced with an impossible choice: tell the truth and risk imprisonment, or lie and face far worse if they’re caught.

One deception leads to a dozen more, and before she can put an end to the lies, she and Leon are swept up into Vilnaria’s high society. Amelia finds an unlikely ally in Vilnaria’s handsome new ruler, Emperor Kyvir. But as the secrets and scandals continue to pile up and danger closes in on all sides, Amelia must decide once and for all what matters more.

The truth, or her life? 

What story do you wish to tell?

Where will your story take you?



Are you ready for this adventure?

Why Do We Love Stories?


What is it about stories that capture our attention and intrigue us so much? 

Is it the characters? Plot? Themes? The world-building? Or is it a mix of all four?

Stories that are well-written can transport us to different worlds, engulfing us in the lives and cultures of different characters until we feel as though we’re a part of these worlds.

A whispering forest, scorching desert, or dense jungle can become as real as the book in your hands with the right descriptions and rich world-building.

But creating a story world with complex characters, inspiring themes, and memorable worldbuilding is easier said than done. It can be completely overwhelming…especially for fantasy and sci-fi storytellers. 

With so many things to consider as you prepare to tell your story, where do you start?

Well, writing is a journey, so let’s travel down this road together!

Dealing With Criticism As A Writer

Dealing With Criticism As A Writer

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Writing Prompts

The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Writing Prompts

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Editing Without Becoming Overwhelmed

Editing Without Becoming Overwhelmed

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