Today is the day! Lawless is officially available to the world, and it’s already the #1 bestselling release in science fiction short stories!

About Lawless:


Welcome to Covenant, a post-apocalyptic, dystopian Earth where technological advancement has come to a jarring halt and resources are sparse. The Journeymen, a group of people chosen by a mysterious deity called Donumdonair, must struggle through treacherous deserts inhabited by two tyrannical tribes─the fierce Desperados and The Order of Kosmoa. The Journeymen must fight against the destruction and desires of the world around them as they strive to survive.

Inspired by the book of Judges, watch as Donumdonair chooses the most unlikely heroes to showdown with demons, triumph over armies, and fight the galactic battles that rage around and in them.

Behind The Scenes

When I first began writing, I knew that my goal was to inspire. 

I found myself drawn to writing difficult themes that seemed like there was little hope in them, only to discover as I wrote that the hope and light in these themes were bigger than even I suspected.

A lot of people joke about how they write because they can’t afford therapy (and I’ve done that myself on occasion), but I’ve also found that I write because writing is how I learn (and one of the way God enjoys teaching me).

The questions, problems, fears, and insecurities I have in my daily life never fail to find their way onto the pages of my stories, whether through themes, characters, or plot points.

The story I wrote for Lawless is no exception. 

Who is Speaking?

Throughout my life, and especially over the last couple years, I’ve struggled to understand whether I was hearing God’s voice, or my own.

Not to mention the fact that the phrase “God told me” has been used so much in the church over the years that sometimes it’s hard to tell whether people are being honest about it, or if they just don’t want anyone to question their decisions.

In my story, The Voice Within, my main character Eliana deals with a similar situation—but set in a post-apocalyptic/dystopian sci-fi western world.

Before You Go…

I really enjoyed working with so many talented authors to complete this project (special shout-out to Alli Prince for putting it all together), and I’m really looking forward to seeing how God uses this book to touch hearts and change minds.

If you’d like to read Lawless for yourself, you can find the book on Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon!

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