Welcoming Fall

I absolutely love fall. The changing colors of the leaves, the crisp, clear air, and of course, getting lost in corn mazes. I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin anything (unless it’s bread), but I’ll gladly accompany my family to a pumpkin patch and watch them have fun. 

Something about fall is just so inspiring. It’s like the cool fall air cuts through the summer fog and helps you to think clearly. 

Yesterday while I was out taking pictures and looking at the colorful trees, my thoughts turned back to writing (as they often do).

Before We Begin…

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! My name is Thirzah. I’m a tea enthusiast and the author of The Librarian’s Ruse

Or if you’ve been reading my posts for a while now, hello to you too! Thanks for accompanying me on my journey this far!

Writing Is Hard?

As I mentioned last week, I love writing…but it can be difficult. 

I recently had a conversation with someone who wants to become a writer, and he said he thought the only thing you had to do as a writer was send a finished manuscript around until someone agreed to publish it (which isn’t completely wrong depending on your goals).

Between figuring out how you want to publish your books (traditional publishing, small press/hybrid publishing, or self publishing), and trying to find ways to make enough money to support yourself as an author (speaking engagements, copy editing/developmental editing/interior design services, etc.), writing full-time sounds overwhelming—and a little exhausting…

So why do it? Why should I even try? How could I love something that can also make me feel miserable?

Feeling Things

First of all, I know myself well enough to know that I can’t live life based on my ever-changing emotions (cause that would be a disaster for everyone—including me).

For me, writing and being a writer is less about feelings and inspiration, and more about remembering my “why” and building good habits.

I may not always feel like writing, or like I’m a writer, but I can always do what a writer does if I train myself to have discipline and make writing a habit.

So why do I love writing? The answer is simple. It’s because I love stories.

The Thing About Stories

I’ve loved stories since I was a child. Thanks to books, I learned all sorts of things about different cultures, animals, insects, and time periods. I got to experience the entire world from my living room sofa—without the internet. 

Stories are a gateway. An opportunity to understand how someone else views the world, or wants to view the world.

Now that I’ve started writing stories myself, it’s also become a way for me to understand who I am and what’s important to me. Because even when I don’t mean to, my values, concerns, and struggles—little pieces of who I am—always end up in my stories.

Word Pictures

Writing is beautiful to me. 

The fact that I can create something with words that will turn into pictures in someone else’s mind is astounding. And what’s even more incredible is that anyone and everyone can experience these word pictures—not just one person—and that they’ll all experience the pictures slightly differently from each other.

Following The Path

And while it’s true that I didn’t have to become a full-time author in order to write stories, time and time again, God has shown me that the path that I’m on is a good one. So why would I step off of it just because I get tired of walking sometimes?

Not everyone is meant to pursue writing full-time, and that’s okay. But if God is calling you to write, are you going to let fear and doubt hold you back?

Before You Go…

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